Our Solar Panels


On July 3rd 2012 we finally got our solar panels installed:

10 * Aleo S18-235 (235Wp)
1 * SMA Sunny Boy 2100TL Inverter

All panels are installed on a flat roof, at 15° directly facing south (Azimuth 0°).
This setup is rated at 2350Wp, and based on calculations and assumptions, it should provide some 2000KwH - 2100KwH green power on a yearly basis.

These panels were installed by and sourced from Zon & Co.


Using a wireless bluetooth connection all data collected is send to a mysql database running on the server instance that is also used for the weather data on this site.

The graphs below are automatically updated every 5 minutes based on the collected data stored in mysql and will also show the expected power levels on a daily and monthly basis. As time progresses I might expand the graphs, any suggestion is more than welcome.

Today's power production


Daily totals for the current month

This Month

Monthly totals (compared with expected results)

This Year

All time totals

All Time


Data collection and processing is done by smatool (Based on work from Wim Hofman and Stephen Collier) and some local customization.

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